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This was the third year that I have been fortunate enough to participate in this very special day. This year I asked Ken if he minded if I passed on the guiding so I could put together a short film that would try and document the day. I soon found out after that day that it was not gonna be easy as I thought, that I would put a whole bunch of miles on my truck speeding down logging roads hitting pot holes that wanted to rip my tire off, and that no matter how much I sped and beat on my truck that it would just be impossible for me to get to all the groups in one day, but luckily I got to a good bunch of them. My girlfriend Keren and myself started the morning on the rapid at Lower Dam. I shot video footage while she took pics. From there we made it to the Mag in wilson Mills. After that I think it was the Rangeley we hit next where we met a few groups. From there we went to Steep bank but missed any groups that were there. After that we went on a run out to the Little Kennebago and Cupsuptic but missed the groups. Even though the Day Camp was just one day I was lucky enough to join one of the participants the next day for some filming and fishing. Then it was a run back up to Rangeley a couple of weeks ago to film some interviews, and a run downeast to meet Don for a interview. Thank you to everyone for your patience!! In the end it was a fair amount of work and time, but more than worth it!! Hope you guys and gals all enjoy it just as much as I did putting it together!!!

Here is a link to all the still photos that Keren captured that day

-Brian Donaghy

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