Project SHARE (Salmon Habitat And River Enhancement)

For the past 20 years, FFIM’s Grass Root Grant program has helped fund projects in the State of Maine that protect and rehabilitate fish habitat, and increase access to quality fishing.Narraguagus River

In 2015, FFIM awarded a Grass Roots Grant to Project SHARE to support its habitat restoration activities in and around the Narraguagus River watershed. The Narraguagus is the principle “science” river for the Atlantic salmon recovery program, serving as a study and testing ground for new habitat restoration methods and projects. Project SHARE’s
efforts on the Narraguagus benefit the indigenous brook trout population and allow returning Atlantic salmon to reach to the river’s headwaters by removing dams, adding wood structures to the river to improve habitat, and fixing stream crossings to remove impediments to fish travel.

FFIM’s Grassroots Grant allowed Project SHARE to secure two, fulltime
technicians for 2015. The two Fisheries Biology students who Project SHARE was able to hire with FFIM’s grant worked from July through October, supporting the Project’s efforts with their knowledge and labor. The technicians provided field assistance with pre‐ and post‐construction surveys, worked alongside construction crews on water control and replacement, helped remove remnant log drive dParrams, and assisted with the construction and placement of
large wood additions that are critical to salmon habitat.

In 2015, with the assistance of the technicians funded by FFIM’s Grass Roots Grant, Project SHARE was able to:

  • Install 6 road stream crossings with bank‐full spanning structures to restore fish passage and ecological process;
  • Completely remove 1 undersized culvert and decommission the
    road‐stream crossing;
  • Remove 5 remnant log‐drive dams; and
  • Build 6 log structures at two locations in the main stem of the Narraguagus River.

Project SHARE’s habitat restoration efforts have already produced
positive results, and FFIM is proud to help fund this important work.

To support FFIM’s Grass Roots Grant program you can donate online at or by calling (207)514‐4941.

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